November 12, 2013
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As I walk outside, I see darkness surrounding me as I look left to right and up to down.
I close my eyes not wanting to see the evil coming from the darkness.
But a voice of comfort speaks within my mind, the voice says," Open your eyes, my child." As I open them I look closely to the darkness and see that good is forming after the darkness. The good is showing me people helping others and strangers risking their lives for others. I ask the voice, why wasn't it here before. It responds," From darkness comes light and I transform bad to good through my children. Now daughter of mine, you and my children will go and do the good my beloved son did and even greater things then he. Soon the darkness will be no more ."I believe the words of the comforting voice, believing with what we are made of we will do good through out this world, for each of us are valuable.
We may not have the power of speaking or have the confidence but we have the promise of the voice. So believe, for in all us we can do good.

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