the hand of the gods

November 12, 2013
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As the snow falls heavy on my face i can see the light fade as i fall deeper into the dark. How did it come to this? Left alone with only the snow as my shelter. The day comes to an end as does my life. a tear falls. May the gods have mercey on me. As the girl closes her eyes for the last time the snow stops and a single cloud move to show the sun. She is far to gone to be saved now. A hand reaches down from the clouds and lifts the young girls body. as the child sleeps she is lifted leaving only a hole in the snow from were she laided. as the clouds once again cover the sun a flower blooms were her heart was. The flower never froze or died, just as the girls spirt, soal, and heart never did. the flower will ever be warm like her spirt.
By the hand of the GODS.

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