In the Dark

November 11, 2013
By raternat GOLD, Tampa, Florida
raternat GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey work of the stars." - Walt Whitman "Song of Myself"

I feel my flame illuminate as it is encircled by dark,
With dances of red and gold,
As it flies and twirls and sprinkles embers through the shadows amongst the scene,
up, up, up as they fly,
then vanish far beyond,
But with my powers display a ray of what is hidden in darkness.

I see the deep emerald of the leaves create images of creatures unknown,
Slowly flitting through the throngs of trees
Follow! With my own glowing ember of light!
Reveal what lies in the secrets of nature,
In the dark.

Where there is fear of the depths of the unknown,
There is also the peace of solitude,
As you hear the crickets chirp their sad sweet song of longing and happiness,
The crickets are but a section of the orchestra of night!
The wind plays its part too, carrying the melody far and wide,
Cooling and breathing the night air as they sail among the currents.

Now the branches play their part,

In conjunction with the wind
They rub and scrape and scream together in appeasing tunes that resonates throughout the night with their skillful song.

My flame flows out again slipping and flickering like oil on water,
swaying to the songs of the nature
I shine so brightly of joy it hurts the eyes of the shadows and their pets
Despite the music of the night is overbearing and powerful

it never diminishes the importance of light
And I am allowed to remain the center of excitement

Now the stars are out behind the clouds of deep gray,

No need for my dancing flame for it is no match to those
They illuminate the sky and the world themselves,
They chase away the darker shadows to the corners of the place
and tug on the pristine moonlight patches once hidden by black
They in their miraculous beauty bursts into prism colors of light
Fully washing away the darkness of fear and replacing it with the revelations of the night

But, if it is the true night, only a flame can slip it away.

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