The Edge

November 7, 2013
Have you ever really danced on the edge?
The edge between where you have been, and where you have not.
Not even considered before.
Before you turned to this life,
life filled with demons that you cannot sink.
Cannot sink, because they know how to swim.
Swim within your veins, which you wish to slit.
Slit with a razor so sharp that you would never have a chance.
Chance at an okay life, of which gives you hope.
Hope of better, where you can lie on that edge.
That edge where you don't have to dance anymore,
Anymore, because that means weaving in between.
Between where you have been, and not, and where you could.
Could travel and better yourself, without wasting away.
Away from the black tendrils that seep into your mind.
Mind of which is always bothered by those around you.
You, a person who feels so weak, but are so strong.
Strong as the bones within your body, which hold you all the time.
Time in which you spend wondering if you're better off dead.
Dead with nowhere to go.
Go where you can fly high and free.
Free from all these terrible demons.
Demons that stay in the water, lurking with an intention to kill.
Kill you with all the spite you allow to be left within your head.
Head that is filled with intentions of romantisized suicide.
Suicide that you think will save you from what makes you so tired.
Tired to continue living, breathing, being.
Being a person of which you can despise so much, for all your faults.
Faults of which are not even there, you just put a film over your skin.
Skin that should be allowed to breath, without having to bleed.
Bleed tears of your extravagant and pain filled wishes that terrify.
Terrify your senses, as you wonder if you could follow through.
Through with the moments flashing within your mind, enticing you to end it all.
All of which can really change, if you just give it a chance.
Chance to go up, instead of staying at this rock bottom that you've taken.
Taken without a second thought, because you 'deserve it'.
It? No such thing, give yourself what you need.
Need it all, because you are human, you've not done as much bad as you think

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