Where Are You Now, Part 1.

November 4, 2013
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A weariness has settled over my frame,
One I fear won't leave
It seeps into every bone,
every muscle,
it makes me sick.
I can't fight this weariness,
cause it has taken all the fight out of me,
But as i stare at the faces
that slowly pass me,
I see that this battle of weariness
wages war in every mind,
but those with a heart
whose punch is strong
win their battles more often,
than those of us
whose punches fall short
of the weariness
inside every cell of our bodies.
A weariness has invaded my mind today
and I feel my heart has surrendered.
Where are you now,
my strong and sturdy rock,
Where are you now?
I can't find the will to search for you
and i feel you have left,
Left my side forever,
because, my love,
I have this weariness
that has captured my soul
and only you would be able
to awaken my heart
to fight this weariness,
Where are you now?

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