My Mind on a Typical Tuesday

November 3, 2013
Friends and cheese
Homework help
Shower time
Ate too much
How I look
Where we go
Play a game
Lectures shout
Practice music
Read a book
Be in step
Forgot to print
¿Como estás?
Brush my hair
Hang up socks
Write a bit
Play that theme
Sky-blue pencil
Fifth grade teachers
Plaster posters
Find a charm
Don’t get lost
Play with Playdoh
Forgot a sandwich
Laugh at me
Ride the bus
Lost a tag
Clean my desk
Virus computer
Typing class
Never draw
Make-up lines
Change a light bulb
Tickle brother
Cut some paper
Magic wand
Roll down hill
Star tipping
Debates and stuff
Pink and purple
Pack for tomorrow
Go to bed.

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