November 3, 2013
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What if gravity decided to turn around?
I mean let’s face it, gravity must be tired
Exhausted, actually
Of constantly heading
Towards the scorching hot center
Of the insignificant, spherical mass we live on.

What if one-day gravity had a change of heart?
What if it decided it wanted to reach for the stars?
I mean we say gravity is -9.8 meters per second squared
But I’m sure gravity is a positive guy
And that negative sign really brings him down

I guess gravity is just tired
Tired of constantly
And it’s resting
Conserving energy to eventually flip itself around.

Or maybe gravity feels responsible.
I mean if gravity changed its path
We could kiss our lives goodbye
As we float up towards our oxygen-less death.

I’d like to think that it’s the latter,
That gravity really does care about us.
But, don’t be surprised if one day
We meet while floating up through the sky.

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