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I am falling
But up or down is the question

Newtons theory of all things
That go skyward must surely come crashing

Doesn't seem to apply to me
I have come crashing into the ground
Several times
But I never have flown sky high before

Ran my ragged hands over
Golden amber clouds,
Sun rays bursting behind them,
Touched wings with geese, and cardinals and robins

Because I don't have wings,
Because I can't fly
Maybe in dreams I could
But dreams wont bless me
Only odd visions of death
Will greet me when I fall asleep,
But I can't even do that anymore

I attempt to soar in skies,
But my non existent
Wings fail
Now I tumble
Through chill air
As I break to tiny pieces
Of nothing

And I close my eyes,
For the very last time
Finally sleep
Graces me

Falling hard
Into long awaited slumber,
Seeing only the black
Back of my eyelids,
Nothing more
No dreaming for me

Because I don't deserve
Such a sweet

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