November 2, 2013
A complication not normally established by emotion
A difficulty not easily faced by confidence
You stand in front of me, palms sky-side up
Fingers dripping in honesty and promise
Feet turned inward like your knees have a secret to keep
Your eyes glance into mine like mirror facing mirror, a hallway of never ending space
And I recognize the one inch of hair below the nape of your neck
I see the dimple in your left cheek, a hollow swallow of stealth
You smile
And a smile is something not commonly categorized in pain
But honesty does not normally break me down into
My simplest state, yes you
Grind my rock particles into moon dust
Tell me
How long have you kept the secrets I’ve wanted to keep
In my jewelry box for so long
And how many times did you count and recount to make sure
That you hadn’t gained another person
To fall in love with the creak in your steps
Because any normal girl would laugh at the way
Your feet face in and your legs face out
But I think it’s beautiful because
You hide behind your insecurities when
You could be teaching yourself to fly higher than you ever have
I’m falling for the puzzle pieces in you that don’t fit the puzzle
And I’m dancing around your palms that hold
Everything I’ve ever been afraid of, because
Love is terrifying
And I’m finding myself becoming less and less scared
And more and more hungry
For a deep pulsation in the depths of my being
When our two hearts can mold into eight chambers
Of never ending silence
That is louder than the hushed voices we
Hand over ourselves beneath
The whispered songs we sing each other--
They are far much quieter
Than the sound of our two treasure chests
Beating as one

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