The Ocean

November 7, 2013
Life is like the ocean.
It sways to and fro, making you dizzy and regretful but at times it’s reassuring and could make you relaxed if you just stop thinking so hard about everything.
There is an elegant violence to both. After days of monsoons, towers of rain falling from the heavens, it can cause storms and ferocious winds that, if you’re not careful, can swallow you whole without a second thought. Fragile.

But just as you think your life is over you start to see a golden shimmer in the darkened sky above, and you think to yourself should I keep swimming? Is it worth the torture? The pain? You see the answer reflecting in the pools of tears running down your face endlessly, yes. Because just like the ocean life goes on and on and on. You just gotta catch the right tide and ride the waves.

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