How could you

November 4, 2013
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How could you? You promised that you would protect me and love me no matter what! Yeah you protected me from everyone but you and you always said you love me. You hurt me and then you are with her?! You always said you never liked her, I guess I should ve known you were a liar. You never saw how much you hurt me, and you trying to act like you moved on. I know you still love me after three years how could you not. The sad thing is after all you did to me I still love and care about you not that you deserve it. How can you just sit there and act like everything was ok. How could you just sit there while it all happened? Sometimes I wish I never met you and then I take it all back because I love you. We used to be so happy and then everything went wrong. I guess I should’ve known and you know she won’t work out. She’s not me and she never will be me so why are you trying to replace me with this opposite. I don’t even look like her or act like her. I don’t see how you even look at her. I know you love me but after that we can’t be together no matter how much we think of each other. A lessoned learned a love still there but we must part ways forever and if you see me just so you know I will act like you’re not even there. I didn’t deserve what you did but you know what that’s okay. I’ll find someone who will treat me the way I should be treated. One of these days i'm going to find me a man, and he’ll treat me like a woman that I am. So goodbye three years and hello a new start, and by the way I hope you have fun because you know that no one will ever love you like I did. With all your faults and insecurities I treated you the best and loved you the most but your loss. I was the best thing in your life and all you’re doing is being with somebody so you won’t be lonely. Yes I remember what you told me and we both know all your doing is covering up the fact that no one will love you better or as much as me and you are lonely now and wish you hadn’t done that. You should have thought about it and decided our love was worth more. We were engaged but I guess it was all a game to you because here you are all moved on or trying to be and here’s me loving you and hating you at the same time. All I can do is pretend you’re not there because it isn’t worth it pretending that you are. I know better than to cause myself pain and boo next time you see me I will be making it my way without you. The next time you see me you may not recognize me and that’s fine because that just means i’m better now and I don’t need you like I thought I did. I was in love with you and I gave you everything, and you know what I learned something you are nothing like you were back then. You used to show me our love was true and then all you wanted was to argue and have me to yourself. I won’t be held prisoner and I won’t be controlled so if that was how you wanted it I got news for you I would have one because i’m stronger in will than you. You can say men are stronger but you know what we have something you won’t have. We have a mental strength far beyond yours because e we love openly and aren’t shy about affection. You used to shower me with affection and kisses and a year and a half later you changed. In the three years we were together and the year of happiness to tell you the truth I didn’t think it would ever end like that. You of all people who is supposed to protect me, love me, claim you would die for me, promised that you wouldn’t ever hurt me, promised you would love only me, and said that we would be together forever must have surely had problems. You hurt me, you cheated, you lied, and you hid, and turned your back on me. You didn’t love me as much as I love you because if you did you wouldn’t have done that to me not in a million years. Obviously it wasn’t as true on your side because you who meant everything who was my world, my life , my every fiber in my being, and protected me hurt me more than anyone had before. You protected me from everyone but yourself. I t will be hard to trust someone now, but I‘ll get past it i’m strong. I love you and I always will but I will not be with you ever again, and you better count on me finding someone else and eventually marry them and have the family we planned and they ‘ll be just as good as dad as you would have been. We will have a life like we should have and you know what maybe in a decade or two we‘ll see this as a good thing but I hope you learn your lesson. I tried to help you and loved you. I was there for you whenever I could and put your happiness above mine and you repay me by doing what no one else had ever done. I cried that day and the next few days and I still feel like crying sometimes but I won’t let it get me down I will live my life they I want it to be and make the very best of it that I can. You have to live life to the fullest and I intend to do just that. You should stop beating yourself up, because it won’t do any good i’m gone and i’m never coming back. You have lost me for good and mainly have yourself to blame, because you knew how I was and what I felt and most of all you knew my life’s story and how much I loved you. I would have died for you I loved you that much and now you can have your new girlfriend do it and I bet you she won’t because you don’t mean anything to her. If you could peer into her heart and soul then you would know what i’m saying is true, and you would leave her. If you ever ask me back out I will throw it back in your face all the hurt you did and tell you I don’t ever want to see you again especially with her because what you did was wrong and you know it. So now have fun living with the consequences
Your one true love you lost

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