My Future with You

October 21, 2013
A big house.
Not just any house,
but THE house.
The one we go driving
By when you feel sad
and need something
to hope for.

3 kids
2 boys
1 girl

A dog named Buster
and a car
that can take us
to the moon.

Until the end of time
You and I.

The station
Where you work
Gives your life
a purpose.
Leaves you wandering
in the night
So far I can’t
bring you back.
But you hold me
and I am there.

The office
Nine to five hours
that sweep me through
the day.
Until I make it back
The train whistle
my guide.
Just in time for supper.

Our first born
A boy
With hair so black
I just might lose
In his arrogant
A boy
Who needs nothing
But wants the world.

A daughter
Skin as smooth
as silk.
A hidden goddess
outbid by her knowledge
And will to give.

The youngest
My baby
One who would never
hurt a fly
Who carries the weight
of the world
Just like his father.

Cold winter nights
A chill that only
Brings us closer
A family
Who will withstand the
sands of time.
A family
Brought together by
the pains
that tear most
A family
of you and I.

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