Come As You Were

October 30, 2013
Poke through the grid of our lives
As she straddles the friction of my thoughts,
Crawling back into condition
Skin the color of an acid bank
With prehistoric smiles & the sleeves that carved your wrists out
Elbows sturdy as a box cutter
Jaw lines ripen
The moon's a victim & I'm just another blood line pushed back to square
Like a stranger defying the laws of time
Who can't quite cut the crusts of God
There's a curve in the road
And I found my sustenance behind closed doors
My minds got a devil's wings & I walk through the gypsies catacomb on those long nights,
That melt like sticky thighs.
A memory trapped in the archive of your forgotten fetuses,
I am not all there,
But someone's got to pick up this trail of breadcrumbs that didn't lead anyone anywhere.
Because when your hands ease through the deck of my heart,
I can't help but think that we're both sick cells with the same disease.
My souls hit a dead light & I know your the the haze that never stops turning into smoke.

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