All About You

October 27, 2013
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It was when I first saw you that I finally grasped on to everything.

It was when you first said “hi” to me that I realized why people get so addicted to each other. It was a bad habit that I just couldn’t break. A drug that I just couldn’t stop using.
It was when we first started talking I understood why people stay up into the wee hours of the morning talking to each other. Being tired never stood a chance against reigning over talking to you. That’s when my priorities all started changing. Because I didn’t care anymore that I needed sleep, all I needed was you.
It was when I finally got to know you that I realized why people stayed in each others lives. You become one so much that you feel as if you cant even function without the other.
It was when I first started falling for you that I understood why people write love songs and poems. I understood why people fall in love with sappy love movies and books because the whole time they are watching and reading they only have one person on their mind.
It was when you hugged me for the first time that I realized why people never want to be let go of. Being held by the person that means the most makes you feel untouchable and for the time makes you feel that maybe, just maybe everything will be okay.
It was when you first kissed me that I understood why people say its so beautiful and fulfilling. Because it’s not everyday that you find someone that makes you feel so good inside.
Its when I first started to realize how happy you make me when I realized why people smile so much their cheeks hurt.

It was when I read this again that I grasped onto the fact that all of this was about you.

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