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Who Says? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

How can I be me?
When everyone is against it
They tell us to be ourselves,
But they really mean:
“Be who we want you to be.”
Which isn't really who you are,
Just a shell.
Sheer impossibility it is,
To be oneself.
There comes the status quo,
And “fitting in.”
To go against is a no-no.
Torture and humiliation follow
Anyone who tries.
I'll try,
Whoever may be against it.
Though listening to others
Tell me I can't be who I want to,
Saying, “Be yourself”
And not meaning a word.
I'm tired of lies.
So I'm done with the status quo,
Being normal,
And attempting to “fit in.”
I'll go against the impossibility.
I won't be a shell to mold.
Done just “trying”
I'm going to live life,
The way I want,
And enjoy being me.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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Corin_WillowThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Nov. 1 at 11:43 am:
 I love this poem. It reminds e a lot of my poem, "My Song". You're right, we need to beat status quo and be ourselves. Very good poem to! A lot of feeling behind this.
riplms2005 replied...
today at 3:10 pm :
thanks! i actually wrote it out of frustration of someone telling me to be myself when i knew they would criticize that person
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