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October 28, 2013
It’s been a year
But for us
More like five minutes
We fit back together
Like three parts
Of a story
The beginning
And end

The beginning starts
For us
As a single word
Is spoken
With three unique
And different people
And Jando

There really was no
Between beginning
And middle
Us three
Make things interesting
In life
And friendship

The middle begins
Our lifetime together
Plenty of time
To mess everything up
Which we can guarantee
Over and over
Again and
And again

Our middle holds
Our wonderful friendship
To tell the height
Of our story to everyone
There won’t be a dull chapter
With us around
Goofing off
And experimenting

The final chapters
For us
Are awhile away
We still have time
To spend with each other
To make memories
Have fun
And enjoy life

The last chapter for us
Might never come
The middle of our story
Will last forever
As long as we want it to
The three of us together
Forever and
And ever

If our story were to reach an end
Which is highly unlikely
With the likes of us
We’d somehow find each other again
And begin another story
But this time
With a beginning
And no end

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