the Angel, the Lily, and the Hordes

October 16, 2013
Once upon a time,
There was an angel.
He was smart, and he was strong-
He never let people see him cry.
But one day, his wings snapped-

He spiraled down, and down,
Into the land of gray and dark.
He searched among the rabid hordes,
Looking for life and love,
And someone to mend his snapped wings.

He trudged on,
looking at the sky,
Wishing he could fly-
The angel could see the light,
But the dour earth syphoned him back down.

The angel kept on walking,
Bravely seeking love,
And a life in his new world-
He strived, searching for a home.
But the virulent words of the masses,
Shattered his resolve-

Then, he crawled his withered body,
And forlorn soul,
Upon a wilting lily.
The lilly was his only source of joy,
For it grew under the only ray of sunshine left.

Then the rabid hordes came-
And they trampled the Angel,
-and his lily.
The angel was broken,
He wept.
His eyes were hollow,
Because he could no longer see any light.

The Angel stumbled along,
Scanning the sky for the sun,
But he couldn’t see it.
Day and night lost all context for the angel-
He had peace nor sleep in either.

So he finally he discovered the cure-
Oh yes, the angel found a solution!
He used all his wit,
To find a way to maybe see the light,
He had to close out the darkness.

So, warily, he dragged his withered, twisted shell,
To a rabid man,
And begged for help-
But in vain. The rabid man’s words only produced a dagger-
Not a light.

He screamed and screamed,
And screamed.
This angel was the one casting the clouds!
The angel was the source of darkness!
He was a curse on the land-

So the angel dejectedly reproached the grave,
Of his lilly-
His ray of hope-
And slept.
But the angel’s dreams where as dark as his life-

Surrounded, and out of help,
The angel searched for a sign in the sky-
He didn’t find one.
So he took the man’s dagger,
And let his blood stain the wretched earth-

His eyes began to glaze-
The angel didn’t know what was on the other side-
He hoped it was light,
Or elysium.
But anything was better than the dark he was in.

The rabid hordes discovered his corpse.
He was so young!
He needed guidance from the stain glass!
Why didn’t he reach out!
Then they marched away, clad in storm clouds-

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HaiEvilSpyro said...
Dec. 31, 2013 at 12:36 pm
I really liked it. I like the story it's telling and I think you've done a nice job writing it :) I really like the ending, too. It's true... anyways, I think you've done a good job with this :) 
Aramis_Lucetti replied...
Mar. 16, 2014 at 5:13 pm
Thank you so much. I sort of consider this my greates work.
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