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October 25, 2013
By thinkblot PLATINUM, Brookfield, Wisconsin
thinkblot PLATINUM, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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keep moving; save your porcelain heart
from being swept off the shelf; save
your glass eyes from shattering; save
yourself from the strain.
we are too far into this madness to
save anything but ourselves; we are
too deep into this frenzied search
for validity to salvage these last
remnants of solace.
keep moving, scatter far and away; the
world won't stop for a little girl like
you; the wheel of time won't stop turning
no matter how many times you brake.
we are too far in, bending until we are
shapeless, formless in our hope that life
won't flatten us as it runs its course.
keep moving; we are too far away from
the light to escape and too far away from
the dark to abandon it all.

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