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October 25, 2013
By KarmaQueen27 GOLD, Washington, Virginia
KarmaQueen27 GOLD, Washington, Virginia
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mind fuzzy
arms tingle
eyes barely awake
brain blank
motionlessly on a chair
her lips turn an icy blue
this tiger had far too many stripes
she cried a little
as she stared at the only thing left
a book so gently placed on the wooden desk
broken back, torn here and there
tears stained every page
her thoughts and fears
the life she absently lived
all written inside
be strong now the monster said
it's a dark place beyond that door
she grabbed the rope
that she hoped would take away the pain
please don't leave, her heart plead
it'll be over tomorrow
but alas, in the end
she swung, with traces of a smile
and finally a glimmer of hope in her eyes

The author's comments:
pretty girl dying, hanging from a rope. Don't leave us like this.

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