October 24, 2013
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I am that girl
Who you see on the street
And you never take a second glance at her
Because she is nothing special
Just another pale face
Meaningless eyes
And why would you take that second look?
Follow her down the halls
Wondering if she’ll ever turn and notice you
For that is her job

You are that boy
Who you see on the street
And when you spot him
Your feet stop
While you look at those eyes
Blue like the ocean that sweeps you away
Into another dimension of fish and color
But of course you turn away
Because you know
He would never take that second look at you

We are those unlikely friends
That helpless girl
Afraid and distrustful
Of this force that draws her in
Leaves her shaking and uncontrollable
She knows she shouldn't bother

That beautiful boy
Looking behind the shade of her face
And she doesn't even know
That behind her meaningless eyes
Is the same ocean
That sweeps her away
And he has already sailed it.

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