Sailing Home Bound

October 24, 2013
Moments spent like water on rocks
As shivers run down to our socks
The silence is such a helpless noise
As we stand back up to our rightful poise.
We sing of such a cacophonous sound
As the drums' beat is being pounded
We beg for peace against the war
Even though we plead for more.
Pitiful sounds leak up and out
When children weak and pout
Parents try to calm the down
As bombs burst in the town.
Their eyes were watching God
As their hearts looked towards the flawed
Their judgmental stares weight the world
As the wind twirled and swirled.
They pulled against their hair in anger
As their hopes cast anchors
It's not their faults
As they fall back to their defaults.
Memories run like water under the bridge
As you scourer the fridge
You're home alone once again
As you feel like everything was in vain.
Hopes like ships cast out to sea
Run as fast as you can to catch them before the banshees

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