Hidden Desires

October 22, 2013
He wants you to be everything he dreams of at night.
An illusion of pretty lights, sparkly clothes and soft whispers.

He wants you to hug him when he tells you he's alone.
He wants you to give him your hand and pull him into your sparkly world.

Forever alone and yet eternally bonded to others.
Forever pleading for your love and yet pushing you farther away.

A pain surrounds his heart when he feels anything about you.
His mind cries in agony when he thinks of you.

Forever tortured by your beauty.
Forever tortured by your smile, your smell, your presence.

'Can't you see, I love you, always have, always will, can't you see...?' He silently pleads.
He would never tell you though.
He would never show you though.

Every man that looks at you, looks at him too.
And it kills him.
Dries him up inside like a wilted flower.
But he would never tell you.
He would never show you.

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