Falling Weapons

October 3, 2013
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I rise my gun and I watch as people around me scream and kill each other. I smell the smells of war and death, sweat and regret. I feel my blood pounding and screaming for salvation.
I am God's soldier and he is my leader, as to where I'd follow him anywhere, even into the war.
I kill the ones who point their guns at me, I kill the people who fight for what they believe in.
I kill for my country.
I rise my gun, again and again, to feel it shake as I pull the trigger. I am God's weapon.
I am my own enemy and I fear for my sanity.
I watch as my brothers die around me, fighting for the same reasons I do. I am a weapon, I am the war, and I'm fighting myself for sanity.
I am not human.
I am not a person.
I am a weapon, and I will fight for my life.

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