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Break Your Mirror

Break your mirror.
Please, darling.
Shatter it.
And crush your scale.
Throw it out your window.
And rip up the test.
Stick it in the trash.
Because the mirror tells you nothing.
The mirror is not right.
The mirror cannot show you your sense of humor.
The mirror cannot show you the giddy excitement you get when your favorite song comes on the radio or the boy you have a crush on texts you first.
Or the way your gentle laugh lifts spirits.
The mirror cannot show you your heart and the fires consuming it.
And the scale can only read you a number.
A number cannot tell you your deepest desires.
A number cannot read off your desire for more in this life.
And a multiple choice test will never be able to tell you your intelligence.
Whether or not you are able to memorize useless dates and facts will never determine your ability to think and contemplate new ideas for yourself.
Just because you can remember the right answer and the right place to put it at the right time does not make you smart.
Because with just that, you are not discovering.
You are intelligent.
You must discover.

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