Protect Me

October 16, 2013
Protect me
Like you would a newborn baby
For I am as fragile as one

Protect me
Like you would a new kitten
For I am as curious as one

Protect me
Like you would a newly planted flower
For I am as ungrounded as one

Protect me
From everything
Around us

I am a curiously fragile thing
For even though
I am growing up faster than you can blink
I am still fragile like a newborn
I am still curious like a kitten
I am still trying to find my place
In the Garden of Life
Like a newly planted flower

I try to act like a sturdy old oak tree
Even though I am still blowing in the wind
Like a newly bloomed flower

Hold me in your arms
Let me cry into your shoulder
Because I don’t know
How to find my place
Or show the world who I am

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