Behind the makeup

October 11, 2013
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Paranoid thoughts fill my head
As I ease through the crowded hallway
Getting glances and snickers as I pass by
Feeling the weight of their judgments crushing me
As if their opinions were a powerful sledge hammer
And I, a mere pebble

I don't understand why they do this
I've never offended them
Let alone talked to them
Is it the way I dress?
The way I look?
The way I act?
What could I have done that was so bad,
that I don't even know about?

I try to fit in, honestly I do
I try to do my hair every morning
Make it look just like theirs
I try to cover my acne, with pounds of makeup
Just like they do
I try to wear all the designer clothes
Which they wear
And yet, it's all pointless
They still mock me
I guess I just have to face the fact,
I'm different
Maybe I need to start trying less to be like them,
And more to be my own self

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