Mistaking an A** for a Horse

October 14, 2013
Standing in a high school hallway,
small clusters of cliques scattered out.
Pale dull lockers open and shut

clank slam clank slam

Looking closely you will see,
mocking, laughing, snarling,

“upper-class” people
seated high on their horse.
shooting harsh word of unnecessary criticism
to people they think are below them.

a majestic horse is far too flattery.
They are merely perched on an a**.

at the same level as anyone else.

only seeing their way.

Who are they to say,
they are on top;

the kings and queens
of our school?
Who are you to say,
others don’t have the equivalence
of social status as any other being?

If the money were spent,
labels on clothing disappeared,

who would you be?
Still greater in importance
than anyone else?
Who are you to say

We are not equal.

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