October 9, 2013
Stress, pain, depression can make anyone become this. A shell. Falling into an abyss of loneliness.
Understanding is lacked. They don’t know, they don’t learn. What it’s like to be someone shamed.
Interestingly enough, they never care, until it’s too late. You’re still here, and bullied to the end, then you’re gone, and everyone acts like you were their best friend.
Consequences of their actions, their torments of every day. Can’t help how it affects them.
It is all dealt with until the break. They snap in two, and just give out, can’t handle anymore.
Death feels like the only pure relief. Little things may lead up to it, like a safety blanket. They keep the truth hidden, and others away.
All it takes is one person, to notice the suffering. One person to reach out a hand, to show
Love, caring, and to try to help them become stronger. To make everything better before it’s too late

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