October 9, 2013
The feeling of soft hands, the fingers like rose petals dancing across my skin, creating a feeling of
ecstasy curling into my veins. As they leave, so does the warmth, and ice is unleashed.
Never before has this feeling engulfed my very heart so strong. It’s normally a fire of lust,
dying before it can be taken any further, either by my hands or his. The kiss! Oh, the kiss! An
eruption of a blaze spreads through my lips as the two puffy clouds touch mine. The very feeling
renders me useless. There is no world beyond us. In the whole universe, there is only him and I.
Not another living soul as we stay locked in loving embrace. My mind hopes to stay this way for
eternity. I pray I may never lose this. Wrapped up in his arms, body against his, I will never feel
so lost as I was before I met him. His blue eyes sparkle like the ocean, and his hair is a gentle
sea of black, making the aqua abyss brighter than ever. I have never felt so much for one boy....

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