Look What You've Done

October 9, 2013
By Melecia_Terice_Williams SILVER, Evansville, Indiana, Indiana
Melecia_Terice_Williams SILVER, Evansville, Indiana, Indiana
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Que Sera Sera

Look what you've done
look who you've made me become
I can't stand, I can't jump and I'm too weak to run

I've been sad for a long while
the tears come every time I try to force a smile
and I try to be strong for my child
but it's hard to be happy when life is so volatile

He hurt me bad and he broke my spirit
I begged for him to stop but he wouldn't hear it
now my heart is guarded, wont let no one near it
and my world is shrouded and can't no one cheer it

Down in the dumps
my shoulders slumped
my heart just bleeds the blood it pumps

I was never enough
no matter how hard I tried
you leaving was tough
sometimes I wish I had died

it feels like I'm dead
everything hurts and everything's numb
somethings messed up in my head
Look what you've done

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