October 6, 2013
Twenty-six letters of the alphabet.
If you comprehend, you are lying.
The greatest poems and the most famous of literature
(in English, at least)
Twenty-six letters of the alphabet.

When we communicate aloud
Breaths of air.
Patterns of throat vibrations
mean everything we know.

When I speak in Russian, I find
The alphabet means nothing
The vibrations the same.
Different ways to say everything.

French, the language of love
Je t’aime.
Vibrating breaths of air
It’s all the same
We’re all alike.

Different words, different sounds
Structures of grammar
Truly, we are nothing but humans.
And our languages?
They separate.
But nothing could really stop the communicate.

We see
Words are extra.
Beautiful luxuries.

Twenty-six letters of the alphabet.
And one thousand breaths of air.
We are all alike
All human
As different as we are, all the same.
Language is beautiful.
As worthless as a diamond made of dirt.

Fret not, and find
We are all the same
Deep down inside.

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