In Search of the Music

October 5, 2013

In a crazy high school

All were crazy good athletes

A girl got mixed up within

She tried to get away

But kept getting pulled back


“I want to go away

To a place where I fit

I am not an athlete

I belong with music

Because here I am alone”


In her room she may hide

She also may run away

She needs to practice but

The teasing she will face

Would be too much to bear


After soccer practice

She thought she heard music

When she went to find it

The music disappeared

She listened so very hard


When she could not hear it

She told herself t’was fake

She told teammates ‘bout it

But they all laughed and laughed

Calling her pretty mean names


She heard it again after

This time she didn’t tell

She was already teased

Already humiliated

So she looked for it alone


She got close it went away

She ran back to her room

She prayed to Lina to help

She learned about Lina

Who is goddess of music


She sat in despair

That she couldn’t find it

She slowly drifted off

As she slept she dreamed

Of the mystery music


She woke very abruptly

As she woke she heard it

She decided to look

It is against the rules

To leave your room at night


She wanted to find it

She was willing to risk

Because she had to know

Who played the music

And where it had come from


The halls are monitored

So she used caution

She turns a corner and

Sees a beam of light from

A monitor and stops


She slowly creeps around

As she turns the corner

The monitor is there

She is taken outside

Going to the headmaster


She must explain herself

But she can’t tell the truth

For if she did it would

Get her in and the mystery

Person in trouble


“I could not sleep tonight

So I took a little stroll

I was only in the halls

Not anywhere else at all”

She said to the headmaster


The headmaster let her off

With a warning then sent

Her back to her bedroom

On her way she heard it

She wanted to find it


She decided not

To go back to her room

Instead she followed it

It took her up a few

Floors but she didn’t care


The higher up she went

The more her heart raced on

She could have sworn you could

Hear it beating in her

She was so nervous now


She was wondering how

No one else was awake

She was walking down the

Dark hall when she tripped

As she fell she yelled out


After that the music

Stopped and a door opened

She froze where she sat on

The floor half in pain and

Fear of who was out there


Tears started running down

The pain had really set in

The other person turned the lights

On and she saw who it

Was and was very surprised


It was the boys captain

Of the soccer team there

Standing with a look of

Worry and fear of what if

She knew his big secret


The first thing he said was

“Let me see your ankle

To make sure it isn’t

Sprained or anything okay”

He picked up her ankle


He could tell it was bad

He half carried her to

The nurse to have her look

He was right it was bad

The nurse was curious


They told her something like

The truth so they wouldn’t

Get in trouble to much

The nurse wanted the full

Story they told it mostly


“I was heading to the

Bathroom when my foot caught

On something and I fell

My roommate couldn’t help

Me because she is sick”


“Then why isn’t she here

With me then?” the nurse asked

“I told her she should come

But she didn’t think she

Needed to” I kinda lied


She was digging herself

Into a very large hole

And was taking him with

Her down in the big hole

It was that or trouble


The nurse didn’t question

Anymore she just wrapped the

Ankle and gave her crutches

And some ice to put on

Her ankle to stop pain


The nurse sent them both back

On the way back he pulled

He over under a tree

To ask her a question

To find out if she knows


“So do you know ‘bout it?”

He asked under the tree

“By it do you mean the

Music? If so I am

Not sure” she responded 



“It is ‘bout the music

I need you to keep it 

A secret for me please

No one can know ‘bout it.”

He sincerely pleaded


“Okay, can I tell you

A secret?” she wondered

“I also play music

Here in my room” she said

After she felt relieved


“I cannot believe this”

He exclaimed out of shock

“Let’s sit for awhile

And talk.” He said leading

Her over to a bench


They sat there for awhile

Just talking ‘bout themselves

And their hobbies in life

They didn’t realize that

It was already morning


They went as fast as they

Could to their bedrooms so

They wouldn’t get be seen

And so they could change clothes

They both really had fun


She had to sit out of

Practice all week since she

Sprained her ankle that night

During meals he sometimes

Will come to sit with her


When he does they can talk

Forever and not realize

That they are the only ones

Left in a room or area

She was liking him now


Not just as a friend either

They started hanging out

More than just during meals

Sometimes even till curfew

Also after curfew too


One day after practice

She suggested that they

Might meet under the tree

‘Tis a very risky idea

But he agreed to it


That night he met her by

Her room it wasn’t easy

For her to leave without

A lot of noise because

She was using crutches


Once they were outside they

Unpacked and stated to

Play they played for awhile

When they started to get

Tired so they sat and talked


They ended up waking to

The headmaster talking to

Them she took them to her

Office to get the story

They kept glancing around


In the office she started

To cry because she didn’t

Want to get in trouble

She was also embarrassed

He gave her a side hug


“We were out talking and

Playing music we’re sorry”

He explained to headmaster

This time they told the truth

Because they were worried


The headmaster lectured them

She said that she would have

To expel her for all the

Rule breaking done this month

This made her cry even more


But the headmaster did not

Even give him detention

He was very surprised by

That he also felt bad that

She got expelled for it


She was allowed to stay

For the rest of the year

But could not play in games

Or do any extra activity

It was very generous


The two of them still hung

Out it was just kind of

Awkward now for them since

It was her last year now

They played very little now


She was happy but sad

To leave because he was

Still there but she didn’t have

To be somewhere she didn’t

Like it was bitter sweet

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ISeeTheStars said...
Feb. 5, 2014 at 5:33 pm
I really liked the story of this, but vocabulary could be checked up on a little bit, also the rhyme scheme. But i loved it! I really did! You are really good at putting emotion into things. Keep Writing!
EmmaClaire0823 said...
Dec. 2, 2013 at 9:49 pm
This is so relatable and a really great story. The main thing I would say would be to look at vocabulary and repetition. Try to expand the vocabulary and put reason behind the repetition. 
DaddysTractorGirl said...
Oct. 24, 2013 at 11:05 pm
this is so goooooooddd keep up the fantasic work  
sadesdd said...
Oct. 11, 2013 at 3:22 pm
Awesome poem about finding yourself, and great dediction in making it long but good!
Jessika R. replied...
Oct. 13, 2013 at 1:10 pm
Thanks.  The assignment said for it to be 5 pages but I did 13. 
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