October 3, 2013
“Love is patient,
Love is kind.”
We all know the saying,
But do we ignore it?
Or do we think to highly of it?
We do,
Do both things,
But what do we do,
We use it,
Then we abuse it.
We condemn it,
Then we forgive it.
But what is love really.
There is a man,
Who loves all,
And unreservedly.
He has a love,
No one can deny,
A love that is
Not only true,
But faithful to you.
He has a love,
That is authentic,
And he is trustworthy.
This is the kind of love,
That is needed,
In our world.
The love that you know,
Is authentic and true.
A love that you know,
Is kind and faithful.
This is the love that is needed.
This is the love that we want.

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