Who am I?

October 3, 2013
Who am I?
I know
Who I was,
But the present is
A mystery.
Shouldn’t that be
A problem
Of the future?
Shouldn’t I
Know how now works?

Who am I?
I was a baby.
Dark hair - sticking up,
Dark eyes,
Curious, and
Ever smiling
Unless I was desperate.
That’s not me now.

Who am I?
I was a toddler,
Light(er) hair,
Dark eyes,
Still curious,
Mostly innocent.
Asking questions,
Never stopping to think
What will they think?
Never caring.
Smiling and laughing;
That’s not me now.

Who am I?
I was a young child,
Just starting school.
Medium hair,
Lightening eyes,
Still curious, though
Less innocent.
Continuing to ask
Many without answers.
Thinking, when needed.
Rarely quiet.
Constantly happy.
That’s not me now.

Who am I?
I was a child,
Of older grades.
Medium hair,
Medium eyes.
Still very curious,
Still quite innocent.
Not knowing the truth about
The world around me.
Worrying only
About little things.
Beginning to wonder
What do they think of me?
Beginning to fear
More than
The dark.
Still happy.
Still laughing.
That’s not me now.

Who am I?
I was a tween.
Medium hair,
Medium eyes.
Less innocent than ever,
And more
Beginning to guess
The truth
About the world,
And looking for others worlds
To enter into.
Safer, happier places.
Having more to worry about.
Thinking ahead.
Fearing other things -
And judging.
Still often happy,
Still laughing.
That’s not me now.

Who am I?
Now, I’m a teen.
My hair is medium.
My eyes are
Medium, and weaker.
I’m still
And even less innocent.
I miss
The past.
I am learning the full truth
Of the world.
It’s not good.
I speak, and question,
But think
Even more.
I still fear
And read.
And thought it takes more,
I still am
Rather happy.
And I still love to laugh.

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Free- said...
Oct. 7, 2013 at 2:01 pm
Such a great poem...very relateable
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