October 1, 2013
Fallen from Heaven in a fiery torrent
Her anger swallows her whole every moment
Tormenting her into a crazed and blinded rage
This angel, once beautiful, is now an actor on an empty stage
A life of pain she must endure for all eternity
Hoping that someone may put her out of her misery
She’s a fallen angel who’s wings were torn
They are tattered and dull at her back as she mourns
She was misused by a devil who ripped at her heart
And stole her soul, tearing it apart
He threw her into an eternity of despair
Where she lives alone because nobody cares
Her wings are useless because she has no happiness
She longs to be pure and have a love that will last
A devil broke her heart and swallowed her joy
Leaving her behind like a broken toy
Her porcelain skin is cracked by wear
And stained by tears from her everlasting despair
She is like a doll that everyone played with and then spurned
But she finally realized that every toy is used up and then burned.

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