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Hey Love

September 30, 2013
By tonypony PLATINUM, Torrance, California
tonypony PLATINUM, Torrance, California
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I got soul but I'm not a soldier - The Killers

I was told to go to bed.
But why go to bed,
To a bed where I cannot sleep?
Where sleep eludes me.
O evasive sleep
You hold dominion over me
My mind, body, and soul
O diluted thoughts
Clear into a solution I can drink
Let me dream a dream of truth
Of fantasy and fiction
An escape from reality
Something fake
something thrilling
something exhilarating
something wicked
something different
someone different
a different person,
a different day,
a different thought
a thought to run, run, runaway
but from who?
from me?from you?
from what?
somewhere, somehow, some place, some time
Let's add up the sums
and exchange them for the solution
Come on love,
it's time to solve the equation

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