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Imaginary Heart

September 30, 2013
By tonypony PLATINUM, Torrance, California
tonypony PLATINUM, Torrance, California
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Just because we don't feel flesh doesn't mean we don't fear death - Crystal Castles
I got soul but I'm not a soldier - The Killers

Another day’s been left to waste
You left with such haste
Didn’t wanna stick around
Didn’t wanna hear that sound
The noise that escapes from my tight lips
When my cool finally slips
I start to shake and shudder
My imaginary heart, it thudders

You're not crying ‘cause you don’t care
At the screen of the telephone, you stare
But I don’t wanna waste my life bleeding
When in the end it’s me you're not needing
It’s not what you say
After all, it’s always better when I'm away
I promise this time it’ll be the last
‘Cause my imaginary heart, it’s dyin’ fast

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