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The Pendulum

Through struggle comes pain,
Through pain comes scars,
Those scars should not be hidden, show the world you are strong,
By showing the world you are strong, you overcome your pain,
Through overcoming that pain, your struggle is not in vain,
If your struggle was in vain, I suggest you become bolder,
To become bolder you must become a boulder that knows not how to roll over,
To not roll over, you must stand up and resist,
To resist you must first know the poison,
To know the poison, you just need eyes and open ears,
To have the open ears you must learn of other struggles,
Those struggles have people just like you,
People just like you herald the change you waited to see,
Like they say, patience is a virtue, yet a rare one apparently,
Although, rarity does not affect true quality,
True quality is knowing you can change the world,
Change the world one step at a time, but there are millions of steps,
There are so many steps because of “The Man,”
But is The Man really a bad person, is he setting up unity?
Requiring unity by injecting struggle,
Struggle that brings people together, to face the problem as one,
Facing this problem asks you do one simple thing,
Look at everyone as your friend, they have scars just like you.

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