In The Eyes of the Beholder

October 2, 2013

Family, What exactly does this word mean? Something you cherish or something you wish to avoid, Either way you end up devoid, Empty, of all feelings of what is, and what was, All you know, is that you appeared into the world and now someone you cannot verify bears the title of Uncle, And you, you are expected to love them like they were your oxygen in a breathtaking world, But sometimes that’s easier than you think, sometimes you end up with a warrior of a man, Or a woman so strong you’d think she wrote the commandments on how to act as a woman, Other people disagree, I hear people saying they despise their family, They wish their family would just disappear, or even they themselves run away, But family is forever, At the end of the day, you appreciate them the most, Because no matter how much you screwed up, or impressed them, They tell you what they think, what they feel, Whereas friends don’t always let you see your faults, That’s the beauty of family, people who are strangers to you, Just like you were strangers to them, They love you like you were their own kin, Born into a family of manners or into a family of wealth, Life is so unexpected, you could have all your dreams come true, Or you could slip and fall down some stairs, Isn’t that the beauty of life, how life plays out differently for everyone, Either you appreciate the wonders or succumb to the sacrifices you aren’t prepared to make, After having people pass away from you each year, Hearing that people die everyday, You begin to lose the effect of the words, Suddenly it goes from an instantaneous breakdown into tears, To a deep breath and nothing more, But life is beautiful, no matter how much cruelty goes on, And how much sadness takes place, There will always be at least one person willing to call you their kin.

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SamuelSudlow This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Oct. 8, 2013 at 12:54 pm
"Other people disagree, I hear people saying the despise their family," I meant to say "they" despise their family.
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