October 1, 2013
I dream about you
Do you dream about me too?
I close my eyes for a moment
and for an instant
you are there
one last time
you stare into the darkness
I know what you’re looking at
it’s our future
regardless, I can’t let go
Once again I’ll ask,
do you dream about me too?

Don’t you realize it’s paralyzing?
I tremble over every word you dare not breathe
Your incandescent image singes my brain
and you’re not there to heal me
Between the faint whisper of ‘I don’t love you’
and a bad night’s sleep
I somehow lost myself in wonderland
It’s a strange abyss, really it is
you should lose yourself here too, someday
maybe we could meet up in another life,
and have a spot of tea
I don’t quite remember how I got here
I believe it was somewhere around the time I lost control
But anyways, that doesn’t seem to matter
You’re here! In this new palace
You love me, things are even better than they used to be my sweet
Together we can do anything
I’ll be your everything
in this wonderland of ours

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