September 26, 2013
Baby scars.
There is no such thing.
As long as a human being
has ever felt the need to
harm themselves to temporarily feel
need help.
Scars that disappear after a few weeks
or months,
or years,
are all still scars.
They may not show on the outside,
but that is not what we fight.
We do our best to cut the strings
that the monsters inside of us have
tethered to our minds.
We try our hardest to get rid
of our mental struggle,
by distracting ourselves with a physical one.
When we allow our skin to be ton
and we stain our bodies red,
we do it to gain strength,
to keep fighting,
not to end it all.
It’s not to show off,
but proof that we beat
the pirates from Peter Pan,
it’s signs that the monsters don’t just hide
under our beds.
Most of us are ashamed,
but we needn’t be.
For our struggles bring us higher.
And they are just our past.
We see them today, everyday.
But shame is unneeded.
We are loved,you are loved.
In not by anyone else, then at least by me.
We are together.
Because the strong do not break,
no matter how broken we feel.
We keep fighting.
And we will not stop.

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