She is Needed

September 16, 2013
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She just sits there
With her blade hovering over her wrist.
About to finally end it all.
End all the pain she feels.
She will finally be free.
She starts to lower the blade for the final slice,
She thinks of her sister.
What would she do without her?
She thinks of her mother.
Would she be able to move on?
She thinks of her friends.
Would they think they could've stopped her?
Finally, she thinks of her ex,
And how much he means to her,
How much she means to him.
Would he blame himself?
Would he hurt himself?


She drops the blade.
She realized this is not the answer.
By ending her pain,
She would cause so much more.
So much pain for everyone.
That is the last thing she wants.
She wanted to leave this world behind
Cause she thought everyone would happier.
All she would've done was cause more unbearable pain.
Some people may hate her,
Some people may wish she was dead,
But there are people,
No matter how few,
People that need her strength and support.
There are people that need her.

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