September 30, 2013
Slowly and tiredly she trudges back home
Cold and lonely and all alone
She walks into her room and quietly shuts the door
And starts to rummage desperately through an open drawer
Pillows and bed sheets strewn all over and around
As the knife blade slowly travels down then up then down
Twisted, curled-up blankets caress and touch the floor
She has finally decided that she can’t take this anymore
Steel gnaws and bites her skin like a rough and bitter kiss
It finally caught up with her, the past she didn’t miss…
Stalking angrily home in a furious, blinded rage
Entering his room, dark and closed in like a cage
Furious and angry, he hurriedly slams the door
He just can’t keep believing her anymore
Throwing his bag violently across the room
He’s ready to go and finally seal his doom
Walking to his laptop, he feels ready to cry
As he gets ready to sever all of their ties
But when he logs on and sees her latest words
At himself he begins to curse…
Blinded by tears she drags the knife down
She’s tired of being made into a clown
She typed her goodbyes and posted her pain
As her blood dripped on the desk, leaving a permanent stain
She walks to the bathroom, her mom calls her name
But she ignores the voice, she’s sick and tired of the games
Opening the cabinet, some full bottles fall into the sink
She takes them and gets some water, for her last deadly drink
Padding to her room, she quietly closes the door
Whispering to herself, “I can’t do this anymore.”…
Rushing to his phone, he hurriedly sends a text
Before both his and her life are permanently wrecked
Not waiting for an answer, he dials her number and makes the call
But when she doesn’t answer, tears of panic start to fall
Jamming the phone in his pocket, he races out the door
He keeps re-seeing her last words, “I can’t do this anymore.”
Tearing down the street, running faster than the wind
Determined to fix the words he said, all the times he sinned
Bursting into her home and sprinting to her room
Desperate to get there in time, before she seals her doom…
Opening the bottles and pouring the contents on her desk
She is frightened but ready, to be finally put to rest
Cutting and crushing the dozens of pills, turning them to sand
She piles it all up together and sweeps it into her hand
Pouring the deadly powder into the waiting glass
Feeling like this and this alone is truly all she has
Seizing the bloody knife and wiping it off on her skin
She dips it into the death drink and stirs the powder in
Taking out the knife and wiping it roughly on her hip
She closes her eyes slowly and raises the glass to her waiting, quivering lips…
Racing to her room, her mother shouts his name
But he doesn’t respond in kind, he’s not playing a game
Bounding up the stairs as quickly as he can
Determined to save the one he loves, to take the killer from her hand
Breaching the top of the stairs and tearing down the hall
Nearing her room he hears a noise, the clatter of pills beginning to fall
Running as fast as he can, the hallway seeming like a million miles
He remembers the times they were happy, her beautiful, crooked smile
Reaching her door, he slams it open with all the force in the world
And stares into the wide-eyed face of his beautiful, heartbroken girl…
The first trickle of the poison starts to slither over her tongue
Two small tears drip down her cheeks, not stopped by anyone
She pauses for a moment and starts to contemplate
Should she finish this now? Or should she continue to wait?
Sobbing, she thinks of how her life has painfully dissolved
Like the pills in the water, it can never be resolved
She remembers the happy times, how he always made her smile
How he always kept her spirits up, and made her life worthwhile
She shakes her head and clears away the thoughts, when the door bursts wildly open
He stares down at her, looking into her tear-filled eyes, feeling so heartbroken…
Rushing to her side, he takes the glass from her hand
Her eyes lay on him like a creature from a distant far-away land
He watches as tears stream down her cheeks as he pours the drink down the drain
With his sleeve he wipes the blood from her wrists, not caring if it stains
He tries to look into her eyes, but she can’t bear to meet his
So he folds her gently in her arms and plants on her cheek a tender kiss
He feels her break down and sob as he holds her tight and near
Her body shakes as he backs away and carefully wipes her tears
He looks into her eyes and says the words he feels, “I love you so much, it’s true”
And she looks back and breathes the words, “I love you so much too.”

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where.words.fail.music.speaks said...
Dec. 9, 2013 at 1:39 pm
Wow. There aren't words to describe what i just experienced as I read this. Im still catching my breath. Amazing!
IndigoAngel replied...
Dec. 10, 2013 at 8:13 am
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
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