Age of the Monster

September 26, 2013
The feeling that wells up inside
As we open our eyes
And watch ourselves transform from innocent beauties
That are weightless,
Floating over the earth,
Free from the restraints
That one by one bind us down,
And weight down our hearts.
We desperately fight the conformists
In order to keep our individuality alive,
To distance ourselves from the seniority,
And shake the world around us.
Ruled by our emotions,
Rarely showing logic-
Wild beasts trying to break our cages.
As we stumble,
Drunk on confusion,
We try to decipher the signs in the fog.
Drowning ourselves in noise
To block out the contradictions.
We do our best to stay calm until we can find
the right road,
The right door,
The right key,
And the right time
To change ourselves further
And take the next journey towards the peaceful rest
That comes at the very end of our time.
Hoping to gather the rewards,
As we live,
That we deserve.

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