September 26, 2013
Creeping, crawling, hurriedly they spread.
Diseased, they are a cursed dread.
Blood and war they seem to crave,
Making the whole world their slave.
Some are holy, some are wise.
Most are content to watch others die.

Mixtures of heaven and hell.
On power they thrive.
Hating one another over
color, religion, and life.
White appears most deadly,
But there are other colors too.
Every color is a danger,
And you might be one too.

Someone must take pity
On all we have destroyed,
For angels are disguised and are sent into the void
Of love we have created;
A black hole to suck all in
To secure the annihilation of the lives we live.

Can civilizations of barbarians and hellions
curb the savage hunger of the beast?
Tame themselves,
Convert their souls
To hunger for peace.

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