Madmans' Ode

September 24, 2013
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Twisted words, rolled up lies, desperate prayers
Tossed ink splatters, ripped up truths, lost mind and matter
The pen is just arm in extension, ink flows,
Scratches on paper just scratches

Uncovered ugliness, not-so-tall tales, crumpled stories left forgotten
Beauty in the ugly, truth in the lies, the secrets in the cover
Scratch, scratch, the paper rips, bindings torn
Thoughts that aren’t real LET THEM OUT

Day after day, second after second
The paper runs wet with letters,
A roaring, lashing black sea of soul impossible to surf
The monsters inside rear their heads, freedom is demanded

The pen loses all ink, but it keeps going,
A downward spiral of losing the mind
Unraveling thread, dying fire, the pen keeps going
The paper wears thin, rips and the pen continues on the path of relief

It won’t stop until it breaks, breaking point so near to touch
Shattering glass of eyes, losing all grasp of reality
The raven crows, but the pen keeps going,
Scratch, scratch, release of the doves, MAKE IT STOP

Pen stops, hand lost, inside dead, it’s over
But drops to the floor, still racing in mind

Pen keeps going- but silence rings true

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