Divine Angel

September 18, 2013
Divine angel
How could I—creature of the deepest pits of hells,
Ever attempt or even try to deserve
Your heavenly self?
For my soul lies in burning passionate hell
While your humble abode is within
The brightest blinding of stars in
Heavens’ elevations
And yet your deep beautiful eyes
Tell a different complex story
With a capacity of delicious secrets
That even creatures of glory
Feign a blissful ignorance
But I don’t turn a blind eye at the stories that
Lie with the deep oceans of your gaze
I take a seat closer and relax
As you recite your illustrious tale
A life so unlike your
Fellow perfect neighbors
As I reach out, trembling to receive your hand
Wondering if such a divine angel
Would ever come to accept
Such a sadistic creature as myself
To be allowed to hold your golden hand,
To plant a gentle kiss on your cherub head
And know that even the creatures of the deepest hells
And of the highest heavens
May be equal in dignity
And alike in mind

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