Her Voyage East

September 15, 2013
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The surfers who wait a life time for that one faultless wave.
Who spend an infinite amount of time, waiting and drowning and fighting compared to seconds skimming their unreliable surfaces

The dog who leaps and bounds retrieving the fluorescent frisbee from the abyss of water, giving it back to the loyal owner,
Much more than a dog, a faithful companion; man's best friend

The children talking a language she cannot understand, the sounds of anger are heard by the unfamiliar stranger. Foreign. Voices of innocence heard by those of the same kind.

The boy who walks in the opposite direction shares a glance with the now self conscious girl. Too fat. Too pale. The look terminates and her eyes are distracted by the waves crusading towards her, fizzling out until whats left engulfs her painted toenails and is drawn back out to the monstrosity that is the ocean.

Her voyage east across the line of the coast, past so many people and so many lives, so many thoughts and so many secrets that the ocean seas but doesn't tell

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