cremate me; i wanted this

September 14, 2013
cinders fly in a fibonnaci's spiral, echoes of my fall for you.flames leap, like sex for a pyro, burning up what i thought was true. i let the ice in my heart melt, the waters drips like tears. on a red hot rock i burnt my lips, proving my fears. my lungs are scorched and black. my heart i cant take back. my mind is yours to have. id say i regret it, but f*** that. you are my nirvana. you are my peace. a state of pure enlightenment with just my soul to reap. you held me above the tide, just to drown me in shallow waters. i didnt want to hide. but if i had, i might have lasted longer. my sanity ebbed and flowed, but now the wane is constant,as my breath and eyesight goes, i can only scream; "i wanted this". my sorrow only grows, but my loves floods like fondant. and as my heartrate slows, i can only sing; "i wanted this."

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