September 5, 2013
Hidden beneath my lies, no were to run, no were to hide. I’ve run out of trust and hope. I’m stuck were I am and that’s the way it goes. Life’s not rainbows and butterflies, far from it. It’s more like pain and tears. I need to stop running because im not getting anywhere. I don’t trust anybody nor do I want to. I put on a fake smile because that’s who I am. I don’t need people to ask if I’m alright because I’m not. I don’t need peoples help because I can do it by myself. I’m who I am I’m not what you see I’m not happy nor will I ever be. I’m hurt, always have been. I have scars that show the truth, the real me. Put yourself in my shoes. Go back in time. Look at my life then ask me if I’m fine. You tell me….do I look it?

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